Customise a teepee this Christmas

Customising a teepee can be fun and challenging. This particular request was for a little girl who likes fairies, mermaids, sparkles and ruffles. Of her four favourite things I managed to incorporate  the first three elements. Fairies -  fairy princess wall art theme Mermaids -  a bit of a stretch but the fabric used for the wall art and print doors has a watery feel with swirls and turtles Sparkly - both the wall art and bunting includes fabric with a shimmery effect To complete the look I made coordinating bunting, toadstools and floor mat. I love the way the teepee and its accessories tie in together and hope that the lucky niece to get this teepee for Christmas loves it.

Fairy Princess with coordinating toadstools

There is still time to request your own custom teepee this Christmas so let me know your wishlist and we can start designing.


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