Dinosaurs - the latest in boys teepee decorating

I am a girl, I have never been interested in dinosaurs, the closest I have come to interest is being dragged around a dinosaur museum as a teenager, oh and I did watch Jurassic Park. How this qualifies me to create a dinosaur theme for my teepees I don't know but I know boys like dinosaurs and they like tents so to bring a little joy to a little boy I set myself the task of drawing dinosaurs. However they needed to fit with the joyjoie design aesthetic so they needed to be more cute than scary.

Many hours of research on museum websites later and after almost giving up at least twice, I did it. Now some of these dinosaurs may not reflect any particular dinosaur - being more amalgamations and generalisations of the overall effect  - but they are semi-cute and I cannot wait to try them out with the blue camouflage fabric my husband insisted I buy for tee-pee decorating (major relief the bolt of fabric was 50cm too short to outfit a whole tent in camo - his first request).

The creative director has been busy playing in her tent, as she insists on calling it (she is only 19 months so if she wants to call it a tent instead of teepee so be it)


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