How does this happen?

The next big event for my family is moving house. Horrible. I have nightmares about moving house even when a move is not on the cards and now we are moving and I am forced to wonder how we can accumulate so much stuff???  I could blame the creative director but really who gets her all those toys and clothes anyway? Besides moving was a nightmare even before she came into our lives (although she seems to be enjoying the process!).

The simple days of moving with a suitcase and a box or two are long gone, at last count we had over 80 boxes this move and still more to come before we are finished. And as I am a perfectionist I have packed those boxes to capability, not a whisker of space has been left behind so what is in them all? Who knows, not me, but as I packed each item it was deemed essential and worthy of keeping. That is not to say I have been a total hoarder. I have managed to filter out many bags worth of items for goodwill and hope that the things I convinced myself to part with will find a new home.

Somewhere in this box mountain is Ari's teepee, folded, boxed and sealed with a pat and a kiss (Ari) and packing tape (me). The box label is "teepee" so as not to be confused with all of the other boxes labelled Ari toys.

There are many good things to look forward to with the move but by far the best will be setting a up a new workspace for joyjoie. I will no longer be the sole occupant of the dining room table in the nook beside the kitchen (granted I did have a Sydney Harbour Bridge view so could not really complain about the cramped quarters), instead I will have a new space that I cannot yet even imagine but know will be great.

goodbye old view...


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