Paper Doll Teepee

I just love taking traditional paper products and translating them to fabric. I also love creating things that are interactive and perhaps a little educational but most of all appeal to my sense of style. The thought process that led me to the paper doll teepee was convoluted and involved lots of seemingly unrelated things but here it is at the end of the day, my latest teepee and the prototype teepee for the new Paper Doll range of teepee's.

Paper Doll Teepee Prototype The PaperDoll teepee features a girl silhouette on one wall plus a clothes line on the side walls and doors. Hung on the line are 26 clothes items including accessories suchas handbags, shoes & sock and hats & scarfs as well as a well appointed wardrobe of skirts, t-shirts and dresses in a few styles and fabrics. I had such fun designing the clothes and then choosing the right fabric combinations but this was eclipsed by the fun of actually dressing the girl in the clothes and making combo's that work as well as those that don't. The creative director has been keeping watch over my progress for a few days and after letting me test out the doll in a few outfits declared "that looks fun mama" and took ownership of all the clothes for sorting and counting. We had to find a special box to keep the clothes in overnight and promise they would be returned in the morning so I guess I will be making a new set of clothes tomorrow for joyjoie.

As usual I was impatient to start making the prototype and so was unwilling to wait until I had the exact right shade of fabric I ideally wanted for the girl and clothes line. So the next version will be the same in terms of design and functionality but different in silhouette and clothes line colour.

I plan on making clothing packs to add to the clothing selections over time so this Paper Doll will have a great wardrobe!


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