ready, set, find joyjoie at Finders Keepers

Our very first Finders Keepers Markets is only a few weeks away and while I am currently in teepee making overdrive I have carved out some time to create a new style.

It is being kept under wraps until then but what I will say is that it is inspired (as is often the case) by the Creative Director and her constant search for fun activities.

Carving out enough time to make the stock for the markets is as always a challenge for me with Ari at home with me full time and I must say she has been great. We have setup a play zone for her on - and under - my sewing table so we can keep each other company. We have created a washi tape house on the desk and she uses it as a platform for all sort of imaginative play with various toys and other things she finds in the office. It is great I don't even worry about listening to music as I work as I am the sole audience for a live performance carried on right beside me. Sometimes I even get to play stage director but more often I am asked to keep my things out of the way...did I say my sewing table? sorry, I meant Ari's sewing table. Hope to see you at the Finders Keepers!


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