Tee-pee wall-art playtime

The creative director and I discovered new ways to enjoy her teepee wall art today. After pulling all her butterflies off her tee-pee I was invited inside to play.

This involved counting the shapes, matching the shapes - there are 3 types of butterflies in 2 different sizes, so six shapes to match with this decoration pack - and then we sorted the butterflies by colour of thread used to sew them. Then we got to redecorate the tee-pee so it is all set for next time the creative director gets to be in a destructive mood.

There is nothing like having fun while you learn shapes, sizes and colours so many thanks to the creative director discovering new ways to enjoy tee-pee tent wall art.

As you know decoration packs include 26 pieces of wall art in a theme, each theme has four or five different silhouettes (except the butterflies, there are only 3 of them and the Alphabet for obvious reasons) and each silhouette is done in two sizes. So this means that there are great learning opportunities in each decoration pack. These include naming the silhouettes, counting, colour matching, shape matching, size matching, you can even make the animal sounds to go with the animal themes or the transportation sounds to go with the trains, cars, etc. Then its time to use your imagination and imagine the places the animals live, or the far away places people might go on the ship or train. The possibilities for fun and learning are extensive, let me know what other uses you have made of your tee-pee wall art.


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