Teepee design update

I have devised - with the assistance of my engineering father and my "ideas" husband - a new stability mechanism for my teepee's. The original was great but this is even better and makes teepee setup even easier.

So after some prototype development and a few days intensive product testing by my the creative director (and her toys) the new design has been signed off and all teepees for Mathilda's Market and in my Etsy and MadeIt stores will be of this new design.

The new design uses a variety of new materials, the most bizarre of which is camomile tea...for tea dyeing of course. Do I now have to factor teabags into my costs?

Unfortunately this means I need to make a new video for teepee setup, I wish the creative director who is NOT camera shy were old enough to be the demonstrator. Here she is demonstrating part of the new system as a halo.


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